Cover'd Girl of the Month- Sis Yapahshanah

Cover'd Girl of the Month- Sis Yapahshanah

Congratulations to our beloved Sister Yapahshanah on becoming Cover'd Girl of this Month. Sister Yapahshanah is a Wife, Mother of soon to be 6, Woman of Faith, Mentor and Entrepreneur. 


"Sister Yapahshanah is a true Titus 2 woman in the making. She has lodged many strangers, taught many young sisters how to be modest and to be good mothers and good wives. Through the spirit of ha Mashayach (Christ) she started a YouTube in hopes to help sisters value themselves as daughters of Zion as well as honor the brothers who are our leaders. She works diligently with her hands making garments, tzitzits and other projects. She is no stranger to the kitchen and values health and fitness even during her pregnancies. She teaches children Hebrew lessons and is always willing to lend an ear and wise council to sisters in need including sisters who suffer from post partum. She is slow to anger and speaks with wisdom and kindness on her tongue."


-A loving sister she has inspired






 Continue shining your light and using your gifts to glorify the Father and edifying the people.




50 shades of Femininity YOUTUBE CHANNEL


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