Cover'd Girl of The Month- Sis A'Rielle

Cover'd Girl of The Month- Sis A'Rielle

Congratulations to our sister A'Rielle Baht Israel from the House of Uriel. Wife, Mother of 5 and dedicated member of the community. Sister A'Rielle and her husband are the proud owners of Everlife Tax Services and Everlife Insurance Agency Inc. She been in the truth since 2014. She continually pours knowledge and wisdom into our community from working with the youth, Charity and educating others in the word. Sis has years of experience educating others in her field of expertise, sharing her gifts and having the passion for the rising of our nation. For her consistency and passion she is Cover'd Girl of this Month! Thank you sis for all that you do. Continue inspiring sister and doing your part to build our people up. HalleluYah!



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