Shalom family, My name is Zakeeyah Khadijah Yahudah. Wife of Iyyob Yahudah and daughter of Moreh Yehotzadek & Abishua Levi. As well as the owner of online clothing store Styled By Elegance. Born in Brooklyn, NY I relocated to Charlotte, NC 9 years ago. At the age of 41 I am the mother of 4 children with one on the way and 5 bonus children. My days are long & busy yet very fulfilling. I was born in the truth as a Hebrew Israelite. My upbringing and Israelite culture has been a major inspiration in my business. Styled By Elegance has gone through many phases of growth with each day, month and year. With the assistance and support of my loving family, we work very hard maintaining our website, booking events, showcasing our clothing line at different shows and supplying our customers with quality merchandise and top notch service. Styled By Elegance is hands down the #1 Israelite owned and operated online store which sells cultural attire for men, women & children, accessories as well as natural body products. If you haven't visited our site make sure to check us out at I am inspired by those before me who took pride in who they are and were dedicated to keeping our culture alive and I am grateful to be of service to my fellow brothers and sisters.
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I have patronized your efforts with much satisfaction! May the Holy One of Israel continue to bless your efforts, and I wish you and yours Peace, Love, and Joy… Selah

Yusuf Ziyad

My wife is an amazing woman. I was bless to find this proverbs 31 woman. Keep pushing my love and being everything The Most High have for you. Love you much!!!!

Iyyob yahudah

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