Cover'd Girl Of The Month

Cover'd Girl Of The Month

Congratulations to our lovely sister Shiphrah Grace for becoming this months Cover'd Girl of The Month!

"Shalom, I am Shiphrah Grace. I am a Holistic Birth Educator, Trainer and Student Midwife. I am blessed to be the wife of Maccabeus and the mother of 5 lovely children. We committed ourselves to The Most High in 2020 after a few years of watching lessons online. We now congregate and follow the law. When we are not working to heal ourselves and others, we are enjoying nature, movies and social gatherings. I adore modesty and fashion. Letting my light shine daily! "

CG: Sis is such an inspiration! Edifying sisters and the community on Prenatal care, childbirth, Post Care and everything in between! We are so appreciative of sisters like her! She also host classes to train sisters on becoming certified doulas. Women who put the work in for the The Most High and his people! All praise to The Most High! KEEP IT UP SIS!!

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